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Number of all entries: 85
Last Update: Jul. 2012 Guidelines 2012 Guidelines for the support of measures to utilise renewable energies in the heat market
Last Update: Jan. 2014 Publication Renewable Energy sources in figures
Last Update: Dec. 2013 Statistics/Graphs Development of renewable energy sources in Germany in 2012 - Graphics and tables
Last Update: Aug. 2013 Ordinance Ordinance on Guarantees of Origin for Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (Guarantees of Origin Ordinance – Herkunftsnachweisverordnung, HKNV)
Last Update: Aug. 2013 Publication Flyer: Renewably employed!
Last Update: Jul. 2013 Report Renewably employed in the German states!
Last Update: Jun. 2013 Renewables Club - Communiqué
Last Update: May. 2013 Act/Ordinance Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2012
Last Update: Apr. 2013 Report Final Report on the special workshop of the Renewable Energies Platform
Last Update: Mar. 2013 Study Gross employment from renewable energy in Germany in 2012 - a first estimate
Last Update: Jul. 2013 Brochure Brochure: Innovation Through Research
2012 Annual Report on Research Funding in the Renewable Energies Sector
Last Update: Feb. 2013 Brochure Brochure ‘Renewably employed’
Last Update: Jan. 2013 Loi sur la priorité aux énergies renouvelables (Loi sur les énergies renouvelables - EEG)
Last Update: Oct. 2012 Renewable Energies
Last Update: Oct. 2012 Download Current BMU research projects on renewable energies
Last Update: Jun. 2011 Report Cost and benefit effects of renewable energy expansion in the German power and heat market
Last Update: Jun. 2012 Publication Brochure Innovation Through Research - 2011 Annual Report on Funding in the Renewable Energies Sector
Last Update: Mar. 2012 Report Gross employment from renewable energy in Germany in 2011
Last Update: Mar. 2012 Study Long-term scenarios and strategies for the deployment ofrenewable energies in Germany in view of European andglobal developments
Last Update: Dec. 2011 Act/Ordinance Biomass Ordinance (BiomasseV)
Number of all entries: 85